Gift Vouchers

Le trésor de Jack Rackham
Thank you for booking online. Check your email box to confirm the reservation.

Grattalpas are temporarily sold out. They will be back early January!

Warning ! We will not be mailing between December 23 and January 11. If you wish to order vouchers on December 23 or 24, please call 022 345 05 15 to pick them up at the Grand Trip Trap Hotel in Carouge.

All Scratchalpa cards are winning, and prizes are valid until February 30, 2086 at the Catalpa, the best bar in the world (trust us, we’ve looked for it …).

Given the circumstances, all our vouchers are valid until February 30, 2086 and will be mailed to you in a nice, sealed envelope. In other words, you will just have to place them under the Christmas tree.
For multiple orders, we will indicate the value of the vouchers with a small post-it on the envelope.