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Our adventures will re-open from Thursday April 22nd!

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Our rooms in Les Acacias

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6, chemin de la Gravière | 1227 Les Acacias

An evening with the Voodoo Queen

At first glance, Marie Laveau is a friendly and caring woman. What is unknown to you is her reputation of being the greatest voodoo priestess in New Orleans. Maybe you should not have accepted that dinner invitation at her house. Difficulty: Intermediary
Players: 3 - 6

The brotherhood of the Stone

For over 700 years, a mysterious brotherhood has weighed in on Geneva’s destiny. You believe to have unveiled the identity of one of its members but will you uncover his secrets?

To allow groups of 6 to 10 people to compete simultaneously on the same puzzle, the brotherhood of the Stone is offered in parallel in two strictly identical rooms.

Difficulty: Average
Players: 2 - 5

Jack Rackham's treasure

The British naval guns are pointed at your vessel. You have 60 minutes to find the key of Rackham’s treasure chest and exit the cabin before you are all sent to the bottom of ocean. Difficulty: Intermediary
Players: 2 - 6

The Silent Chest, Jack Rackham’s revenge

Team Battle

Two Chests
Two teams
Only one winner
Silent Chests are back in a dynamic and original format: a team challenge in the same room!
Be as clever as the fearsome pirate and get your hands on the Golden Disk before the other team.

Difficulty: Intermediary
Players: 4 - 10
This game format is not suitable for groups of children.
Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Our rooms in Carouge

Grand Trip Trap Hotel

5-7, Clos de la Fonderie | 1227 Carouge

Mr. Trippolyte's Vestibule

The new adventure of The Grand Trip Trap Hotel

Eccentric founder of the Grand Trip Trap Hotel, Trippolyte de la Trappe, has developed a limitless passion for cinema since meeting with the Lumière brothers.

An adventure movies amateur, he has found a way to fit a projection room into a forgotten corner of the Grand Trip Trap Hotel. This astonishing vestibule has long been reserved for private viewings, but today it is finally opening its doors to the public!

Difficulty: Intermediate
Players: 2 to 5
This adventure is specifically designed for groups of 5 people maximum, groups of 6 to 10 can compete in two teams by reserving the two rooms simultaneously.
Duration: 60 minutes Children under 18 must be accompanied by minimum 1 adult.

Beware: Mr. Trippolyte's Vestibule is located at The Grand Trip Trap Hotel, 5-7 Clos de la Fonderie in Carouge.

Aunt Hilda’s Room

Nobody knows Aunt Hilda's real name. Everyone at the Grand Trip Trap Hotel has always called her so. And it is "Aunt Hilda", that she wrote on the register in 1837.

First resident of the Grand Trip Trap Hotel, it is there that she has imagined her most beautiful tales, turning her room into a wonderful world inhabited with marvelous characters.

Difficulty: Intermediate
Players: 3 to 8
Duration: 90 minutes

Children under 18 must be accompanied by minimum 2 adults.

Beware: Aunt Hilda's Room is located at The Grand Trip Trap Hotel, 5-7 Clos de la Fonderie in Carouge.

Le Catalpa

Le Catalpa, bar of the Grand Trip Trap Hotel is open !
Kostas, our friendly bartender looks forward to welcome you.
022 345 06 06

Le Catalpa
7 Clos de la Fonderie • 1227 Carouge

Opening time during Covid:
Wednesday 4pm – 11pm
Thursday 4pm – 11pm
Friday 4pm – 11pm
Saturday 12am – 11pm
Sunday 12am – 9pm

Closed in case of bad whether.
Call us for more information
022 345 06 06

Gift vouchers

Offering a gift voucher is not only an original idea, it is also an opportunity to propose a thrilling experience where everybody's creative talent is required for the team to make it out in time.

All our vouchers are valid until February 30, 2086 and will be mailed to you in a nice, sealed envelope.

I want one

Play our online adventure !

Discover the misadventure of Jean-Michel Fourette and the Secret of the Goose that lays golden Eggs.

Disclaimer, for a better experience, play on a computer as the game is not optimized for smartphones.

1. Form a team of friends/colleagues
2. Enter a theme room
3. Uncover its secrets
4. Complete the challenge in 60 or 90 minutes or less (depending on the room you choose)

Trip Trap is a collaborative escape game, or escape room, to have a chance to get away, you will have to be curious, imaginative, daring for the enigmas are challenging and the clock is ticking… don’t waste any time!

Price: From 150 to 230 CHF per gaming session depending on the room you choose (for the whole group, not per player).

Number of players: A minimum of 2 and a maximum of 10 players per theme room depending on the room you choose.

Wall of fame

Top teams for each of our rooms!

Jack Rackham’s Treasure

Les Macabew - 30:50

Les Macabew - 2 avril 2017 - 30 min 50 sec

The brotherhood of the Stone

The Salty Men - 24:30

carré petit petit

Marie Laveau’s Mansion

ZeDuch's - 32:00


How long will it take us?
The game is one hour long. But you can count on the fact that you will spend 90 minutes at our place (briefing and "after-game" included)

Should we come right at the time of booking?
No, it would be better to come 15 minutes earlier to allow our great staff to put you in the mood..

Should I bring something special?
All your capacities will be needed, escpecially your eyesight. If you need glasses to read in a low light environment please don't forget to take them as they will be most useful.

I am pregnant, I am reluctant to the idea of being locked in a room.
We fully understand. That is why we have installed a switch in the room to immediately open the door in case of a happy event. Or for anything else for that matter.

Can I bring my children?
Of course, if they are over 7 and you feel they can focus on something for 60 minutes.

Can I modify ou cancel my booking? 
Trip Trap offers live experiences and as mentioned in our Terms and Conditions, any cancellation made less than 7 days prior to the date of the event will not be refunded.

Is the Voodoo room for everyone?
Yes, it is ! The theme of this room is freely inspired by the famous Marie Laveau, a voodoo practitioner from New Orleans. The development of this room was made with respect for the Voodoo religion and the room doesn't show any religious symbols. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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022 345 05 15