An Evening with the Voodoo Queen


Une Soiree chez la Reine Vaudou
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Compulsory health measures of the FOPH have been completed by the Swiss Escape Games Group in order to better fit to the particularities of our activity (which also has the advantage of being practiced in small groups).

  • Mandatory hand cleaning
  • Hydroalcoholic gel or disposable gloves available in the rooms
  • Protection mask mandatory for staff and customers (masks are available at cost)
  • Ventilation of rooms and cleaning of objects handled between each group
  • Distancing between groups (ground marking and flow management)

In order to make the most of the experience, please kindly respect the signs in place and comply with the instructions of the staff.


Booking the room outside opening hours is possible, please send us your request at


Other Puzzles

The Silent Chest, Rackham’s revenge
Team Battle

Les Coffres Muets - Battle

Two Chests
Two teams
Only one winner

Silent Chests are back in a dynamic and original format: a team challenge in the same room!
Be as clever as the fearsome pirate and get your hands on the Golden Disk before the other team.

The brotherhood of the Stone

For over 700 years, a mysterious brotherhood has weighed in on Geneva’s destiny. You believe to have unveiled the identity of one of its members but will you uncover his secrets?

To allow groups of 6 to 10 people to compete simultaneously on the same puzzle, the brotherhood of the Stone is offered in parallel in two strictly identical rooms.

Jack Rackham’s Treasure

The British naval guns are pointed at your vessel. You have 60 minutes to find the key of Rackham’s treasure chest and exit the cabin before you are all sent to the bottom of ocean.



Timescape Puzzles

Our team has successfully tested Timescape puzzles and we strongely recommend them to you !
Be aware that Timescape is not located at the same place as Trip Trap.

The Lotus Trap


Shanghai, 1927
An evil secret society took over a legendary crystal lotus that gives eternal life.

Your mission is to take the lotus back from their evil hands without being caught !

The Secret of the 3 Pharaohs


You will be sent in the beginning of the 20th century to take back the work of Hermann Toothroot.
This archeologist disapeared as he was close to discover the secret of a pharaoh’s tomb.

Follow his tracks, find him and unveil the secret of the three kings.