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Trip Trap, immersive experiences factory

To surprise you, time and time again


This year, 5 TickYeah are hidden among our gift vouchers. If you are lucky enough, you will be invited to an exceptional immersive dinner at the Grand Trip Trap Hotel. Try your luck !



New !

The House of Uncle Cornelius

« Make yourself comfortable. Let’s see if your imagination can still make us live some adventures…» Cornelius de la Trappe

A tireless explorer, Uncle Cornelius now welcomes the most curious residents of the Grand Trip Trap Hotel and enjoys seeing them fall back into childhood.
From december 1st 2022. Bookings open.

The brand new Gift Vouchers

They’re beautiful, they’re hot: the brand new Trip Trap Gift Vouchers!

There is something for all budgets and for all tastes. Plus, we’ll send them to your home in a pretty envelope that you just have to place affectionately under the tree.

So don’t hesitate, offer adventure!

Nos bons cadeaux

Possibly the best escape game in the universe…

Since 2015, we have been imagining and developing immersive and interactive experiences for everyone.

At Trip Trap, we believe that positive emotions have the power to change the world and that everyone has, in their heart, the need to laugh, to wonder and to share.

Our raison d’être: to create moments of dreams and adventure to surprise you, time and time again.

Top Company 2019, 2021
Terpeca Winner 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023
#1 Switzerland Blackrose
#1 Switzerland Escape Roomers

3 Locations in Geneva

Grand Trip Trap Hotel: a timeless place where the boundaries between dream and reality are blurred.

Visit this place

Trip Trap Secret Floor: a guaranteed change of scenery, somewhere between the second and third floor.

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Trip Trap Bazar: what is behind this discreet storefront? The only way to find out is to go inside!

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Corporate team building

"Laughing with colleagues is good for your health" Trippolyte de la Trappe

Interested in organizing an “off-site” seminar or in us bringing our adventures to your premises? Curious to discuss what type of customized project we could develop together? Reach out to learn more about our different formulas combining games with mouth-watering "F&B" delicacies.


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Wednesday is Kids days

"I love my birthday!" Trippolyte de la Trappe

To turn your children's birthday party into an unforgettable adventure, we offer you, every Wednesday, our Trip Trap Kids formula at the Secret Floor (Acacias).


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Durant ces temps pluvieux, nos concierges se plient en quatre pour prendre soin de nos pensionnaires !

Un quotidien difficile lorsqu’on y travaille depuis 41 ans. 😅

Lou nous fait part de ses petits secrets, pour la rencontrer, rendez-vous sur 🚨

Trip Trap, fabrique d’expériences immersives. 🧩

#geneve #escapegame #cinema #cinemashot #decoration #decor #triptrap #sortirgeneve

Pour une fois que Eliott a bien rangé sa chambre 👀

Venez l’explorer sans plus attendre ! ⏳

Trip Trap, fabrique d’expériences immersives 🧩

#escaperoom #escapegame #decoration #suisse #triptrapescape #aventure #winner

La maison de tonton Cornelius 🕰️

Plus immersive que difficile, cette aventure vous ramènera en enfance.

Venez l’explorer sans plus attendre ! ⏳

Trip Trap, fabrique d’expériences immersives 🧩

#escaperoom #escapegame #decoration #suisse #triptrapescape #aventure #winner

Triptrap & Curious ! 😍

Et vous, vous êtes plutôt Tante Hilda ou Tonton Cornelius ? 🕰️

Retrouvez tous nos escapes directement sur notre site web dans la bio 🌐

Trip Trap, fabrique d’expériences immersives 🧩

#escapegame #escaperoom #aventure #suisse #fastandcurious #interview #brunchouapero

Inventaire en cours ⏳

Nos notaires vous reçoivent sur rendez-vous uniquement 📖

Prêt pour une nouvelle aventure ? Please ring the Bell 🛎️

Trip Trap, fabrique d’expériences immersives 🧩

#escaperoom #escapegame #animation #suisse #triptrapescape #aventure #inventaire