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Gift Vouchers

The 150 CHF Voucher

Excellent choice for that uncle you love or that friendly but slightly shy colleague.

The 200 CHF Voucher

The perfect token of affection for your mother-in-law or that old friend of yours looking for a special family activity.

The 260 CHF Voucher

A true declaration of love. Works with everyone.

The Grattalpa – 40 CHF

Let yourself be surprised on your next visit to the Catalpa Bar and order our Grattalpas (or “Scratchalpas”): 4 scratch cards. 4 mystery prizes. 1 moment of great fun.

All our vouchers are valid until 30 February 2086 and will be sent to you by post in a nicely sealed envelope. If you prefer, you can also pick them up at one of our three locations.

You want to give a voucher as a gift, but you are not quite sure which adventure to choose? No problem! In the event that the value of your gift voucher does not match the price of the selected game, there are two possibilities:

– If there is a bit too much: your guest(s) can keep the difference as a credit towards a future adventure…or buy a round of drinks at the bar.

– If we’re missing a bit: your guest(s) can pay a little extra on the spot the day of their visit.

Don’t hesitate to contact if you have any questions!