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The Brotherhood of the Stone

For more than 700 years, a mysterious brotherhood has been pulling the strings of Geneva’s political and economical spheres. You believe you have unmasked one of its elusive leaders? You still have to discover his secret...

(Français) 6 chemin de la Gravière
1227 Les Acacias

Trip Trap Secret Floor (Acacias)

From 8 years old *

* Children under 13 must be accompanied.




2 to 5 per room

(max 10 players on 2 rooms)


Duration :

60 min


CHF 180.-


Preferential rate of CHF 150.- for weekday sessions up to and including 5pm.

The Story

Geneva, 1907. As investigators on the trail of a secret society whose members have infiltrated the highest levels of government, you are about to enter the home of Victor de la Verrière, a wealthy architect and likely member of this mysterious brotherhood.

The operation may have been carefully planned, but nothing ever goes according to plan…


But still

A normal difficulty level adventure, this highly successful room is recommended for less experienced players, but will also delight experienced investigators. This adventure exists in two identical parallel rooms, which also makes it particularly suitable for groups of up to 10 people (colleagues, family, friends) who want to compete with each other.

PRICE: CHF 180.-/room. Preferential rate of CHF 150.- for weekday sessions up to and including 5pm.




Trip Trap Secret Floor

6 Chemin de la Gravière
1227, Les Acacias

Trip Trap Secret Floor: a guaranteed change of scenery, somewhere between the second and third floor.


Discover the location

They have lived this adventure

Very well done, beautiful setting, sound ambiance, many well designed mechanisms. Attentive assistance, not too much nor too little. Having two identical rooms allows a large group to experience the same adventure at the same time, a real plus! A great welcome on arrival.

We tested The Brotherhood of the Stone as a family: great welcome, well thought out enigmas… we got caught up in the game! Our children (9 and 12 years old) only dream of one thing: to go back and test another room! Thank you for this great experience!

Great time! Great setting and genuinely nice welcome. We solved the room of The Brotherhood of the Stone as a family in a jovial atmosphere and with great pleasure. Thanks also to the host who immersed us in this story with brio.

I did not know the concept and with my husband we went to the room of The Brotherhood of the Stone. We were delighted by this discovery and had only one idea in mind: discover the other rooms! We were not disappointed! Each room is unique and very well thought out. A little plus: the reception and the bar! I can only recommend it!

Corporate team building

"Laughing with colleagues is good for your health" Trippolyte de la Trappe

Interested in organizing an “off-site” seminar or in us bringing our adventures to your premises? Curious to discuss what type of customized project we could develop together? Reach out to learn more about our different formulas combining games with mouth-watering "F&B" delicacies.


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Wednesday is Kids days

"I love my birthday!" Trippolyte de la Trappe

To turn your children's birthday party into an unforgettable adventure, we offer you, every Wednesday, our Trip Trap Kids formula at the Secret Floor (Acacias).


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Any questions ?

Here are the most frequent questions about this enigma

How long will it take?

The game lasts a maximum of 60 minutes, but assume you will stay with us for 90 minutes (including explanations and debriefing). Of course, you can stay longer and revisit your adventure over a drink in our friendly café.

Are there any risks involved in the activity?

Absolutely not! Our adventures rely on the quality of the settings, the ingenuity of the mechanisms and a captivating story to take you on a journey.  You are never really locked in our rooms as an EXIT button allows you to leave at any time. Also, our fully trained and dedicated staff watches over you on control screens throughout the game, ready to intervene immediately if necessary.

Do we have to arrive at the same time as the reservation?

No, it would be better to arrive 15 minutes early, the time for our wonderful staff to get you in the mood.

I'm pregnant, so I'm a bit hesitant to come and do this adventure.

We understand very well, but it should not be a problem. If you are not right on the brink of the happy event, The Brotherhood of the Stone is suitable for pregnant women. Without revealing anything of the game, physical movements remain very limited. Besides, we can install a chair for your ease and comfort, if necessary.

Is this room suitable for people with reduced mobility?

The configuration of The Brotherhood of the Stone is not strictly speaking adapted to wheelchairs, but we have had the pleasure of welcoming players several times with whom we have been able to find a very satisfactory logistical solution. The best would however be that you give us a quick call to discuss it!

Can my children come?

Yes, if they are at least 8 years old and you feel they can concentrate on something for 60 minutes.

Can I change or cancel my reservation?

When booking online, you can choose the “refundable booking” option. This option covers a large number of contingencies and can even be activated after the date of your session.
If you do not wish to choose this option, you can modify or cancel your reservation up to 7 days before the date of the event. After this period, our “live” activities requiring dedicated staff cannot be refunded nor moved.

Should I take anything special?

Each and every one of your abilities will be useful, especially your eyesight. If you need glasses to see in poor lighting conditions, don’t forget them! On the other hand, your smartphone will be of no use to you!