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Aunt Hilda's Room

“...but you who are about to enter the sleeping village, remember the fairy's dire prediction...”
Aunt Hilda

(Français) 5 Clos de la Fonderie
1227 Carouge

Grand Trip Trap Hotel (Carouge)

From 8 years old *

* Children under 13 must be accompanied.

3 to 8 players


Duration :

90 min


CHF 260.-


Preferential rate of CHF 230.- for weekday sessions up to and including 5pm.

The Story

Nobody knows Aunt Hilda’s real name. Everyone at the Grand Trip Trap Hotel has always called her that way. And it was also “Aunt Hilda” that she wrote down in the hotel register, in 1837.

As the first resident of the Grand Trip Trap, it was there that she imagined her most beautiful tales, turning her room into a marvellous universe populated by fantastic characters.



But still

Aunt Hilda’s Room is the first adventure of the Grand Trip Trap Hotel and has won a prestigious TERPECA award. A unique narrative experience, this game goes beyond the standards of a traditional escape game to take young and old into a real life fairy tale.
Adventure of an intermediate level of difficulty – we do not recommend Aunt Hilda’s Room as a first escape room experience.


PRICE: CHF 260.-/room. Preferential rate of CHF 230.- for weekday sessions up to and including 5pm.




Grand Trip Trap Hotel

7 Clos de la Fonderie
1227, Carouge

Grand Trip Trap Hotel: a timeless place where the boundaries between dream and reality are blurred.


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They have lived this adventure

Aunt Hilda’s room is an escape room that quite simply should in no case be missed. The setting is just splendid, not to say in-cre-dible, and the puzzles are brilliant. You would have thought you were there. The team is very nice and before or after the escape game you can have a drink at the bar. The best we’ve ever done!

Aunt Hilda: The setting is great. Impressive! One of the most beautiful Escape Games we have done.
Top welcome! Thank you very much

Incredible immersion in Aunt Hilda’s room! Scenario worthy of Grimm’s fairy tales, an impressive attention to detail, a spellbinding scenario and a simply magical evening with friends! Congratulations to the TripTrap team, you set the bar very, very high! A reference.

Excellent place, very friendly welcome. Escape “Aunt Hilda’s Room” is a must! Total immersion, the settings and the puzzles are a delight. We really had a great time!

Corporate team building

"Laughing with colleagues is good for your health" Trippolyte de la Trappe

Interested in organizing an “off-site” seminar or in us bringing our adventures to your premises? Curious to discuss what type of customized project we could develop together? Reach out to learn more about our different formulas combining games with mouth-watering "F&B" delicacies.


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A drink at the Catalpa?

Whether you have played one of our adventures or you are strolling around the old city of Carouge, come and refresh yourself under our starry sky, sheltered by the branches of a fairy-tale tree or aboard the basket of an improbable zeppelin balloon.


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Any questions ?

Here are the most frequent questions about this enigma

How long will it take?

Aunt Hilda is exceptionally long, lasting a maximum of 90 minutes (instead of the usual 60). Including your arrival at the Grand Trip Trap Hotel and the fact that you will certainly want to go for a drink at the Catalpa Bar after the game, plan for a bit more time…

Are there any risks involved in the activity?

Absolutely not! Our adventures rely on the quality of the settings, the ingenuity of the mechanisms and a captivating story to take you on a journey. You are never really locked in our rooms as an EXIT button allows you to leave at any time. Also, our fully trained and dedicated staff watches over you on control screens throughout the game, ready to intervene immediately if necessary.

Do we have to arrive at the same time as the reservation?

No, it would be best to arrive 15 minutes early, the time for our hotel concierge to check you in properly.

I'm pregnant, so I'm a bit hesitant to come and do this adventure.

We understand very well, but it shouldn’t be a problem. If you are not right on the brink of the happy event, Aunt Hilda’s Room is suitable for pregnant women. Without revealing anything of what awaits you in the room, it will be perfectly possible for you to leave it to your companions to carry out the less comfortable tasks. Besides, we can also install a chair for your ease and comfort, if necessary. If in doubt, please call us.

Is this room suitable for people with reduced mobility?

Unfortunately, the configuration of Aunt Hilda’s Room makes it impossible for people in wheelchairs to access it, but it works well for people using crutches. Please call us if you have any doubts.

Can my children come?

Yes, if they are at least 8 years old and you feel they can concentrate on something for 90 minutes.

Can I change or cancel my reservation?

When booking online, you can choose the “refundable booking” option. This option covers a large number of contingencies and can even be activated after the date of your session.
If you do not wish to choose this option, you can modify or cancel your reservation up to 7 days before the date of the event. After this period, our “live” activities requiring dedicated staff cannot be refunded nor moved.

Should I take anything special?

Each and every one of your abilities will be useful, especially your eyesight. If you need glasses to see in poor lighting conditions, don’t forget them! On the other hand, your smartphone will be of no use to you!