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Gift Vouchers

The Gift Vouchers

From the nice little attention to the true declaration of love, choose the value of your voucher and be sure to hit the mark.

Les bons cadeaux
Golden ticket

The Golden Ticket

This is THE absolute sesame, or LE sésame absolue like the french say. You will be able to access any of our adventures.

Value 260.-

The Grattalpa – 40 CHF

Let yourself be surprised on your next visit to the Catalpa Bar and order our Grattalpas (or “Scratchalpas”): 4 scratch cards. 4 mystery prizes. 1 moment of great fun.

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sold out

All of our vouchers are valid until February 30, 2086.
If you order them on the website, we will mail them to you in a nice envelope.

You can also pick them up on site in one of our 3 locations.

Vouchers worth 50, 100, 150 or 200 CHF are valid on all our adventures and will allow you to deduct the value of the voucher from the price of the room.

The Golden Ticket voucher allows you to play any adventure without adding anything and comes with an additional surprise in the envelop…